So you got engaged? Congratulations! The next step is to plan and organize your wedding ceremony. Seems like a lot of work? It can be for sure, but if you have given thought to getting hitched in Vegas, consider the following steps to make your life a little bit easier:

1) Get your ducks in a row. By ducks, we mean paper. You will need almost all of your identification including your driver’s license, passport, and if you are underage, your parents’ consent and presence. A birth certificate can often also be helpful in the process.

2) You will also need a marriage license which can be paid for and processed at the Marriage License Bureau. The license is processed immediately, and there is no waiting

3) Choose a venue. There are many venues in Vegas, and it depends what it is you are looking for in a ceremony. There are chapels both serious, and more of a joke. There are waterfront venues, indoor, outdoor, religious and non religious. There is another page on this site that outlines some of the top rated venues in Vegas. Remember to take into consideration the number of guests, the style of ceremony, and the length of time that you have. Sometimes it is as simple as driving down the strip to see different chapels.

4) Check out packages. If you are looking to save some money, and do not compromise on the quality of the ceremony, check out the various packages that many venues and companies offer. They will include food, the ceremony, the reception, etc. The packages can be customizable as well.

5) Revise details; where you have the reception, and if you have the reception, are important questions. Consider reading reviews online to help you with various tips and tricks as to where, how and when to get married.